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We develop smart sensors for rodent home-cages to collect scientific data and improve animal care.

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Why Monitor Rodents in Homecages?

Improve animal care

Identifying disruptions in the home cage environment can improve animal care.

Ensure reproducibility

Ensuring a consistent home-cage environment can improve scientific reproducibility

Understand the housing environment

Changes in the home-cage environment can influence metabolism, behavior, and disease progression. The MR1 allows you to easily track the home-cage environment.

Monitor circadian rhythms

The MR1 allows you to easily measure circadian rhythms in rodent activity, and verify that facility lighting cycles are accurate

Who is Using Pallidus?

View a breakdown of the academic labs currently using our MR1 sensor. Focus areas include Dietary Studies, Stroke and Recovery, and Molecular Neurobiology of Obesity.

Research Applications

Impact of THC and Oxycodone Co-Administration on Pain Relief, Dependence, Circadian Activity, and Reward in Mice

Oxycodone Self-Administration and Opioid Misuse Patterns in Male and Female Mice

TMEM135: Bridging Peroxisomes, Mitochondrial Fission, and Energy Balance in Brown Fat

Pallidus Cloud

The wireless MR1 sensor detects temperature, light levels, humidity, and rodent activity from individual cages and displays data in real-time on a beautiful cloud dashboard.

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