What we do

Pallidus Sensing develops smart sensors for rodent home-cages, to collect scientific data and improve animal care

The wireless MR1 sensor detects temperature, light levels, humidity, and rodent activity from individual cages and displays data in real-time on a beautiful cloud dashboard.

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Why monitor rodents in their homecages?

Improve animal care

Identifying disruptions in the home cage environment can improve animal care.

Improve reproducibility

Ensuring a consistent home-cage environment can improve scientific reproducibility

Understand the housing environment

Changes in the home-cage environment can influence metabolism, behavior, and disease progression. The MR1 allows you to easily track the home-cage environment.

Monitor circadian rhythms

The MR1 allows you to easily measure circadian rhythms in rodent activity, and verify that facility lighting cycles are accurate

How do I get started?

Purchase a starter kit and as many additional sensors as you need. We'll ship you ready-to-use sensors and manage the cloud server, database, and dashboard for you. Just clip your MR1 sensors into your cages and start collecting data!

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